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for divine humans.

We are currently out of the Maui studio touring the country and will be off island from June 12 until July 18th, 2024. We will return and be available for bookings on July 18, 2024. Feel free to contact us for any questions or inquiries in the meantime. 
We apologize for any inconvenience! 

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Welcome to  the Moon

As highly connected energetic beings with our own special energy, characteristics, and set of experiences, we are ultimately here to become the highest versions of ourselves. Allow us to help you connect to your inner guru.

Client Affirmations

"I was immediately drawn to Pink Moon Aura’s booth when she first made her debut at our local farmers market, Kristine was so welcoming and passionate about her Aura Photos and I was so fascinated and couldn’t wait to have her read me! I was blown away by the first reading- everything was spot on. I ended up returning a week after and was surprised at how quick your aura can change. I learned so much from Kristine and ended up finding friendship & sisterhood in Kris & Pink Moon Aura— shes even popped up for one of my business events. I’m so grateful to have received her services while she lived on the Big Island. I can’t wait to plan a trip to Maui and visit Kristine and her new location for another reading!"

Alyssa Cawagas
Soul Centered Massage & Wellness,
Owner, Therapist, Healer
Waimea, Hawaii

"Kristine is an extremely intuitive light worker and skilled reiki healer. She is full of love, joy, and compassion and offers herself and her healing gifts with so much generosity and grace. Her deep connection to Spirit flows effortlessly through her energetic healing practice that I feel lighter and peaceful after every session. Thank you, Kristine, for being an invaluable light in my life. I honor the truth and guru within you."

Arlene Baxa
Registered Nurse, UCLA Santa Monica Medical Center
Los Angeles, California

"It was such a fun and unique experience to have my aura and chakras photographed and interpreted by Kris. She was patient and thorough in her interpretation and explanation in everything. Learning about my chakra imbalances helped me to focus my energy on where I needed to. I'd highly recommend , thanks Kris!"

Lindsay Calkins
Concierge, Four Seasons Hualalai
Kailua Kona, Hawaii

“We loved our experience with Pink Moon! Our son sat on my lap during the reading so I got to see the vibes of our interchanging energies. Kris was so thorough with going over all the aspects of the colors- it was so fascinating. Hansen still talks about his aura being white which is something he is really intrigued and proud of because he is always working on his spiritual connection. I always think of Pink Moon every time we have a girls night or are celebrating something special to go and have a reading or to have a private one. Kris is so easy to work with and curates all her offerings with the highest vibration detail. I can’t wait to get more crystals from her!”

Kristin Leeper
Kangen Water Representative/Entreprener
Kailua-Kona, Hawaii