" We are all healers. With the help and guidance of a force that is greater than just ourselves, we are more connected and more powerful than we are lead to believe. Allow both the logic of science and spirituality to connect you to your source. " 

- Kristine Kozuki
Owner, seasoned Aura & Chakra Photographer, Intuitive Spiritual Counselor, & Reiki Practitioner, practicing for over 14 years

Born and raised in Waiehu, Maui,  Kristine's spiritual journey began as a young child. Waiehu, being rich in spiritual energy, was both a place of magic and unsettled energy.  From a young age Kristine knew that there was more to energy than what could physically be seen. She felt intuitively guided by a force she could not understand and had a deep desire to understand the energy of the land, people, animals, and nature.  She understood that all these beautiful aspects of life deeply connects us and has since made it her mission to understand it.

Kristine graduated with a Small Business Management Degree at the University of Hawaii and continued her education abroad in Tokyo, Japan. It was shortly thereafter that she was introduced to Reiki Energy Healing and in 2011 received a First and Second Degree Certification of the Usui Shiki Ryoho System of Reiki Healing (the original system and lineage of reiki healing). 

To further her career and practice, Kristine moved to the Big Island where it was a perfect spiritual playground. She extensively studied further into meditation, the chakra system, crystal healing, manifestation principles, and chakra balancing in combination with essential oils, nature elements, and self reiki. While Kristine's corporate position was in hospitality, she was also active with her reiki practice with others, regularly clearing and balancing energy within people, spaces, and animals. Prior to the birth of her child, she documented the experience of pregnancy and reiki in the womb which were published and featured in The Maui Family Magazine, Reiki Hawaii Newsletter, and Touch Reiki International Magazine in London, United Kingdom. 

In 2018, she discovered her love of aura photography and opened Pink Moon Aura. She has since photographed hundreds of auras and been host to numerous sold out pop up and private events all over the Big Island and Maui. Helping people of all types of backgrounds and beliefs using both science and spirituality to make sense of their own energy has become one of Kristine's greatest joys and source of inspiration. 

Most recently Kristine relocated back to her home island of Maui where she regularly offers her services and expertise in the heart of Historic Makawao Town. She continues her spiritual education and also does motivational speaking at events, on podcasts, and her favorite, woman-inspired groups. She has also since been re-initiated in First Degree and Second Degree Reiki for a second time, coincidentally on her 10th year anniversary of Reiki. 

Kristine believes that as highly connected energetic beings with our own unique energy, characteristics, and set of experiences, we are ultimately here to learn, teach, and support each other to become the absolute highest versions of ourselves using the intuition/guidance that was gifted to us. Once we are able to become our highest selves, we understand that we are never alone and that the Universe is not a dead, uncaring place but yet one of beautiful connection and perfect spiritual design.